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3.6" WIDE x 1.9" TALL

Gemstone Bowl.

Solomon Agate/ Sardonyx is a variety of chalcedony quartz / onyx and is considered a very Holy stone providing one with enhanced intuition regarding the future, while providing powerful protection. Use this Beautiful Devotional Bowl as a tool for SPIRITUAL GROWTH - POSITIVE ENERGY - STABILITY - GROUNDING - CLEANSING - LIVING YOUR DESTINY - TRANSMUTING NEGATIVITY - PROTECTED COMMUNICATION WITH THE SPIRITUAL REALM work. *Placed on window sills or by doors it is said to bring strong protection to the home. COLOR: Crystalline, Translucent dark carnelian brown, deep black with lighter cream and white swirling bands .

SIZE: approx. 3.6 inches across and 1.9 inch tall.

WEIGHT: 123 grams

(item# onyx1-b6)

SARDONYX is a combination of carnelian and onyx and carries the energies of both stones. *Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of: ---SARDONYX: The vibration of Sardonyx is very protective. It strongly grounds the user through the root chakra and the earth. A stone of self-control, Willpower, strength, happiness, confidence. *---WHITE SARDONYX: - excellent for meditation and contacting the Spirit world while remaining firmly grounded. AMPLIES WILLPOWER - STRONG PROTECTION - AIDS IN CONTACTING THE SPIRITUAL REALMS. EXTREMELY GROUNDING EARTH ENERGY - PAST LIFE WORK - ALLOWS ONE TO MASTER THEIR OWN DESTINY through Guidance. *Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of: ---BLACK ONYX: Use to invite in happiness and good fortune, Transmutes negative energy, powerfully protecting, gives one strength and support during times of severe stress, centers and aligns your energy with the higher realms allowing one to access guidance, allows one to see the future and become the master of their destiny, aids in past life work, balances yin & yang, helps one feel at ease

3.6" Solomon Agate Gemstone Bowl - Sardonyx, Quartz, Black onyx, Carnelian

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color: black
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