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RARE Dark Midnight Blue / Teal-Blue Fluorite specimen Weighing 1 POUND

SIZE: 4"X3"X2". 454 grams

Lovely SATIN fluorite WITH SOME glassy fluorite on matrix. The base has been cut for this to site flat for a nice charging plate or stand




Metaphysically speaking: Fluorite is believed to be an excellent aura cleansing stone. Blue fluorite is a very spiritual stone, greatly enhancing spirit communication and intuition, advancing one's spiritual enlightenment; amplifies healing work; brings one to a place of deep peace.

1Lb Midnight Blue Fluorite Specimen - Peace, Intuition, Spiritual Enlightenment

Impuesto excluido
color: blue
  • Crystal plate,Cabinet specimen,Blue Fluorite,teal fluorite,Mineral specimen,Midnight Blue Fluorite
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