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EXTREMELY RARE LARGE Antique Eilat stone bowl, King Solomon's mine. The colors in the sunlight are amazing. The deep turquoise and cobalt blue bottom is highly polished. The inside bowl area is polished to an eggshell finish and the sides are both partially polished and raw with glassy areas. This is a very old piece and has some rough edges around the rim which does not detract from this spectacular ONE OF A KIND, once in a lifetime piece!

**PICTURES taken in full sunlight and also indoors without lights.

Eilat Stone, AKA King Solomon’s Stone is also know as the "STONE of the SAGE", and is copper-based that includes Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Pseudo-Malachite, copper and Turquoise. This SITS FLAT as a bowl and CAN STAND ON THE SIDE if you wish to display the amazing highly polished deep blue bottom.


The colors are a mixture of gorgeous turquoise blue,cobalt blue, aqua green, black, copper. This UNIQUE antique stone is from King Solomon's mine in Israel. It was hand carved into a bowl / ashtray a long time ago.

SIZE: approx. 6.50" x 6.25" wide and varies from about 3 - 4 inches tall.

The bowl opening is about 3.50"

WEIGHT: 4.23 pounds / 1920 grams

Metaphysically, Eilat stone can create, store and direct energy; it removes negativity and transmutes it into positive energies; Helps one attain spiritual growth and deeper wisdom; it is believed to help draw out fever, pain and inflammation.

RARE 6" Eilat Stone Bowl King Solomons Mine Azurite Chrysocolla Turquoise Copper

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