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Handcrafted Very large .925 silver cross pendant with a carved ox bone face surrounded by faceted round, oval & pear shaped garnets.

Almost 3 1/2 inches long entirely. 8 red garnets, quarter for size comparison only. Metaphysically, GARNET is a stone of Courage, fortitude; it aids in finding & walking ones true path in life, activates one's ability to connect to Angels & guides & feel divine love. Aligns body emotions & spirit for one's highest good. GARNET equals strength, vitality, prosperity, creativity, sexuality and is a powerful energizer, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate for the situation; stimulates kundalini / life force energy.

Large Sterling Garnet & Carved Bone Goddess Face Cross Pendant .925 silver

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  • ox bone,garnets,sterling,925 silver,gemstone
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