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THIS BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN COLLAGE IS IN AN ORNATE COPPER COLORED OVAL FRAME. THERE IS AN OVAL PRINT OF A LOVELY LADY, DRIED FLOWERS, A PINK LEATHER GLOVE, MISC. FABRICS IN PALE PINK, PALE GREEN AND BIEGE. ALSO A MUSIC SHEET IS PEEKING THROUGH BEHIND THE GLOVE. THE WOODEN FRAME SIZE IS 12 WIDE AND 14 LONG. OLD PIECE, (art assemblage, art collage, mixed media art, handmade art, handcrafted, one of a kind gifts, wall decor, victorian art, victorian ladies, edwardian art, edwardian ladies, vintage prints, antique prints)

Antique Oval Frame Victorian Art Print Fabric Collage Assemblage, Handcrafted

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