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Acrylic center cameo pendant featuring the Madonna and child Jesus, Topaz Gold crystal rhinestones. Excellent condition, new old stock, Cameo is from Germany. Prayer petition, remembrance jewelry, gifts of faith. A perfect gift for Christening, Baptism, remembrance, bereavement, birthday, Easter, Christmas and just because. This makes a beautiful Christmas Ornament, or it can be hung on a wall between artwork or laid on a Holy altar. Gorgeous and unique Vintage Artisan hand-crafted Christian & Catholic gifts! prayer box, Mother Mary, Virgin Mary, Our Lady, handmade, religious jewelry, handcrafted, rhinestone jewelry, one of a kind gifts, gifts of faith, prayer beads, special occasions, Catholic altar, shrine, vintage jewelry, vintage Catholic, antique, antique Catholic

Large Locket Rhinestone Pendant Madonna Virgin Mary Baby Jesus

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