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Porcelain center cameo pendant featuring the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary and baby Jesus as The Madonna and Child, surrounded by sapphire blue crystal rhinestones. Place loved ones pictures, special intentions or prayer requests inside this prayer box icon shrine jewelry. Approx. 2", Wear it, carry it, pray with it or place it on your altar or hang it on a wall. (Catholic jewelry, Christian jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, remembrance jewelry, cameo locket, cameo pendant, cameo jewelry, ornament, shabby chic, Christmas gifts, unique gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, handmade gifts, vintage gifts, vintage jewelry, handcrafted gifts, handcrafted vintage jewelry, rhinestone jewelry, large cameo's, large lockets, gifts for special occasions) Virgin Mary, The Madonna, Madonna and Child, Jesus, Mother Mary

Large Madonna & Child Porcelain Cameo Locket Pendant, Religious Jewelry

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Antique Gold, Sapphire Blue Rhinestones
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