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Vintage Ornate Larimar gemstone ring. The top of the ring measures 1 inch and features 2 genuine facted blue topaz quartz gemstones and a center oval genuine larimar stone. The ring is .925 sterling silver and is approx. size 8 1/4 - 8 1/2 Total weight is 6.2 grams. METAPHYSICAL / SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES: Larimar is rare and is said to be extremely inspiring & nurturing , harmonizing to the body & soul, radiates love, guides one on their true path, awakens inner wisdom, aids in manifesting desires, said to draw a soul mate to the wearer, connects one to earth energy restoring a connection with nature. **A HIGH VIBRATION stone.

**Our Jewelry is VINTAGE Jewelry - expect mild to heavy tarnishing​​​​**

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Sterling Blue Topaz Quartz & Larimar Ring Size 8, Vintage Silver Jewelry

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  • Sterling Silver, Blue Topaz, Larimar
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