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Calming free form deep blue Sodalite with powerful pyrite cube gemstone bowl / dish.

SIZE: 3.25 inches x 2.25 inches and approx 1 inch tall

WEIGHT: 87 grams

METAPHYSICALLY, SODALITE: Opens throat chakra, 3rd eye chakra and stimulates the pineal gland ; enhances automatic writing sessions; SPIRITUAL PERCEPTION , DEEPENS MEDITATION, CALMS THE MIND ALLOWING Channeled Divine INFORMATION & ascended masters and spirit guide communication TO COME THROUGH WITH CLARITY, BRINGS ABOUT CALMNESS AND BALANCE

Pyrite: protects against negativity by drawing earth energy into one's aura making a strong shield of protection, helps manifest one's desires, nourishes the body with energies, Known as 'fools Gold' this stone helps manifest wealth using one's own personal power. .

3.25" Pyrite Cube in Blue Sodalite Gemstone Bowl - Automatic Writing

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color: blue
  • sodalite,offering bowl,intentions bowl,energy generator,Pyrite cube,Vessel
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