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Les Mystique Gift
Crystal Boutique

We carry unique and one of a kind handcrafted items ranging from Rosary beads, Rare antique holy medals, upcycled vintage religious statues featuring The Blessed Mother Virgin Mary and Sacred Heart of Jesus to crystal Skull Sculptures, crystals, minerals, gemstone altar bowls, handcrafted jewelry, fairy sculptures, original and vintage Art Deco prints and more.


Our artists include:

~Lady Aviana:

*Unique handcrafted gemstone & crystal rosary beads

*Awesome original fantasy art

~Lady Diana:

*Activated & Awakened crystal skulls

*Highly Charged Reiki infused Crystals

*Rare Antique Holy Medals

*Vintage & Sparkling Embellished Up-cycled Statues featuring Mother Mary - Jesus Christ - Saints

*Rhinestone Cameo Prayer Lockets

*Catholic Shrines

*Vintage Art Deco decor

*Original 'Full Moon Maidens' Art prints

*Holy Water bottles

*Huge Rhinestone Crosses

  and more!


~Lady Grace:

*Beautiful handcrafted wire-wrapped jewelry

*Beaded jewelry using vintage components and gorgeous gemstones


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