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Mystical, Magical TIGER IRON IS a combination of Golden Tiger Eye, Hematite and jasper. This gorgeous large decorative bowl is 4.25" wide #bx11or13 Metaphysically speaking, TIGER IRON is excellent for: MANIFESTING - GROUNDING - STRONG EARTH ENERGY STONE - AIDS ONE IN TRANSITIONS TO NEW BEGINNINGS - WILLPOWER - PERSONAL POWER - MAGIC. HEMATITE absorbs negative energy, stress, anxiety and the like. A root chakra stone, it helps keep one grounded, strengthens our connection to the earth thereby helping one feel safe and protected. Helps you FOCUS Energy and helps one attain the highest level of Personal Power (willpower). TIGER EYE: *Known as a supurb attractor of wealth and luck. * It enhances psychic ability,* stimulates the rise of kundalini energy,* creates a high vibrational state while also creating a grounded state that is both from earth energy & the energy of the sun,* Protective, aids one in accomplishing goals, **Excellent stone for manifesting your desires! Helps one figure out what they truly need as opposed to what they want.. Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with, NOT in place of, professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues, or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issues. Our products are tools for Lightworkers, Crystal healers, Reiki practitioners and those on their Metaphysical &/or spiritual path . By purchasing this product you are stating you understand that : I/We/The owners of this shop, do not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes.

4.25" Tiger Eye Iron Gemstone Altar Bowl - Manifestation, Magic, Power

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  • Tiger Iron,tiger eye,hematite,jasper
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