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Domed Glass Cameo center depicting The Immaculate heart of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ surrounded by smoky topaz rhinestones. The beautiful prayer box hangs from glass beads including burgandy, cream and black plus 10mm faceted opaque ruby glass beads. Use this prayer box and beads to hold photos of a loved one, Special Prayer Requests or intentions. Use them during meditation or to pray, carry them with you, place them on an altar or hang them on the wall. (Spiritual gifts, Catholic jewelry, Christian jewelry, gifts of faith, handcrafted jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, remembrance jewelry, cameo locket, cameo pendant, cameo jewelry, ornament, shabby chic, Christmas gifts, unique gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, handmade gifts, vintage gifts, vintage jewelry, handcrafted gifts, handcrafted vintage jewelry, rhinestone jewelry, large cameo's, large lockets, gifts for special occasions, Virgin Mary, The Madonna, Madonna and Child, Jesus, Mother Mary, ex-voto, Milagros, shrine)

Spiritual Gifts, Prayer Petition Box Czech Beads Madonna And Child Cameo Locket

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Ruby Red, Smoky Topaz, Copper & Brass
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