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Gorgeous hand-carved Chrysanthemum stone gemstone bowl. Metaphysically, Chrysanthemum stone is a very happy and joyous stone that attracts positive synchronicity; assists in awakening one's true purpose in life; Manifests wealth and abundance; Encourages harmonious spiritual growth.

SIZE: 4" x 3.5" wide and 1"-1.25" tall.

WEIGHT: 245 grams


A unique and beautiful piece with Scalloped edges.


disclaimer: * Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issue(s). * By purchasing this product you are stating that you understand : I/This shop/We do not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes.

4" Chrysanthemum stone gemstone bowl - attracts positive synchronicity

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color: black and white
  • chrysanthemum stone,stone,gemstone,crystal,carving
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