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WOW! This Realistic blue apatite crystal skull has a deep druzy cave on the side with tiny terminated crystals and 2 other natural areas - 1 on top and 1 on bottom. This skull has been activated and will arrive ready for your work.

Size: Medium - 3.2" long x 2.40" tall

WEIGHT: 333 gram


Metaphysically, it is believed Quartz crystal / crystal skulls can be programmed to support the healing of oneself or others and to manifest answers to life's issues and open psychic channels, showing us our life path. Skulls intensify and amplify ones personal power and intentions while providing the guidance needed to attain ones goals and desired outcomes. CRYSTAL SKULLS are a tool for divination; accessing divine knowledge; self-awareness; soul healing; prophetic visions. Metaphysically speaking, BLUE APATITE is Excellent for developing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling etc.; A great support for those wishing to communicate with higher realms through deep meditation and automatic writing.

Activated Druzy Blue Apatite Crystal Skull - Clairvoyance, Automatic Writing

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