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Handcrafted .925 sterling silver ring with copper accents and herkimer diamond eyes. This ring is currently about a size 7 and can be easily adjusted up or down. Top is 1.25" (north to south)


Metaphysically, HERKIMER DIAMOND is: *A stone of Ascension, Purification and Attunement (Attunement- 'To bring into Harmony'). *They will raise your vibrational frequency to the highest possible level while keeping you grounded in your physical body - this allows for clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities to open. *A strong channel of Universal Life Force Energy, these are superb for psychic work, astral travel, and deep meditation. *They will amplify the energy of intentions and other stones. *Helps you let go of both conscious and unconscious fears. *Helps one remember past lives and release any karmic baggage from those lives. *SUPER Dream recall when placed next to your bed

Sterling Silver Herkimer Diamond Snake Wrap Ring - Adjustable

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  • 925 silver,sterling silver,copper accent,herkimer diamonds
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