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LARGE calcite cluster. This us a sparkling specimen! (item#118SQ) COLORS: White, Tan, Burgundy-reddish-brown, SOME deep rosy-Mauve undertones,. ALL pictures taken outdoors in sunlight.

5.25" x 5" and 2.3" tall in its natural sitting position, Great for use in a fairy garden.

736 grams


*Metaphysical USES: Perfect for your Reiki or meditation room! Some key METAPHYSICAL phrases associated with this stone are: SPIRITUALITY - WISDOM - AMPLIFY ENERGY - CLEANSE - PURIFY - JOY - HAPPINESS - CLEAR STAGNANT & NEGATIVE ENERGY - REMOVE KARMIC TIES - MELD THE SPIRITUAL CHAKRAS WITH THE PHYSICAL CHAKRAS - ENHANCE CREATIVITY - INNER PEACE. METAPHYSICALLY Speaking... ALL CALCITE : A spiritual stone, gives one serenity, amplifies & cleans energy, makes one feel more energized, Self trust, Aids in overcoming difficulty, helps ideas come into fruition, Brings hope when all seems lost, Speeds spiritual development, makes one more aware of their natural psychic abilities, facilitates channeling and astral travel.

Large Red Calcite Cluster Crystal, Spirit Quartz, Energy Clearing, Purification

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  • Calcite,druzy
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