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This is a gorgeous TOP QUALITY FREE FORM ANTIQUE Zoisite gemstone crystal healing bowl featuring dark red ruby.

WEIGHS: 214 grams (just under one half pound at 7.54 ounces)

MEASURES: 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch tall.


The bowl is hand carved and polished. Approx age is 1910's-1930's The original label is included - it was attached to the bottom but came off.

Spiritual properties of RUBIES- CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STONES IN THE UNIVERSE, raising Kundalini, bringing one deep peace and soothing contentment. : *Ruby in Zoisite: Zoisite with ruby is used to awaken & increase life force energy, awakening to your true self, enjoyment in the moment; growth;energy RUBY: encourages passion for life in a positive way, increases energy, motivates, encourages one to follow their right livelihood, brings enthusiasm, protects against psychic attack, aids in having positive dreams, clear visualizations, a stone of abundance, aids in keeping wealth that has been acquired, heightens awareness & concentration, removes anything negative from your path, stimulates the pineal gland, brings a positive outlook, strengthens one during stress or disputes

Rare Antique Zoisite Ruby Gemstone Bowl - 1910's-1930's

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color: red and green
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