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Vintage Hand carved and polished Good Luck evil eye agate bowl. Excellent for charging and clearing small items.

3" x 3" wide and 1.75" tall.

274 grams


The inside colors are Cream, white, blue, gray The inside is polished - the sides and bottom are raw Metaphysically, AGATE: stabilizes the aura, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, a powerful cleansing effect on the physical & emotional levels. Balances the emotional physical & intellect. Soothes & calms, self acceptance, self confidence, improves concentration & perception, heals inner anger, links one to their higher consciousness & awareness of the oneness of life, spiritual growth, inner stability

3" Good Luck Evil eye agate bowl - Charging & Energy Clearing Vessel

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color: multi
  • Agate,Agate Eye
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