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SUPER RARE AMAZING Vintage Hackmanite in green and blue soldalite Crystal Skull with strong fluorescence. Hackmanite is an exceptionally rare sulfur-rich mineral. It is known as a "chameleon" crystal because it contains tenebrescence (it has the ability to change color when exposed to light and returns to its former color when placed back in the dark). The change in color can usually be seen within seconds of being exposed to sunlight and may be very subtle or dramatic. The return of the original color can sometimes take up to a week. The tenebrescence effect seen in hackmanite is the rarest of all gemstone optical phenomena.

Metaphysically he has been fully activated to attain the deepest levels of meditation, access past lives, increase your psychic gifts, feel indescribable bliss, and surround yourself with luck energy. It will infuse you with feelings of Strong faith in your future & deep peace. Hackmanite is THE stone for accessing your Souls Wisdom. It is the ultimate soul star chakra stone.

SIZE: 5.1" long, 4" tall

WEIGHT: 2.65 pounds #FS729SKL

***The pictures were taken in shade and under a UV lamp. This would look amazing in a case under UV lighting.  ***PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING

Rare 5.1" Large Sodalite Hackmanite Skull Fluorescent Mineral Good Luck 2.65LB

$1,695.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • hackmanite,fluorescent mineral,realistic carving,vintage RARE crystal skull
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