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polished green aventurine Quartz snuff / Perfume / Oil Bottle . The bottle is in great condition with natural inclusions on the stone. The top screws on / off.

***The inside has NOT been cleaned and should be prior to use

SIZE: 2.25" tall entirely, 2.25" wide and weighs 74 grams #gab9


Metaphysically speaking, Green Aventurine is used for WEALTH - ABUNDANCE - PROSPERITY - MONEY - ENERGY HEALING - CRYSTAL HEALING .. GREEN AVENTURINE is a stone of prosperity, transmutes negativity, enhances creativity & perception. An all around healer that brings calmness and well being; assists in releasing Associated with the Heart Chakra, vitality, confidence, growth, renewal, .

Green Aventurine Quartz Gemstone Bottle Prosperity Abundance Essence Vessel

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