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Awesome**Fossil Ammonite, Smoky Topaz, French Biwa Pearl Necklace & 925 Silver; Necklace

Sz: 17~18.5", Center Necklace drop: 1 1/2"

Faceted pear cut smoky topaz gemstones.

PLEASE USE THE ZOOM FEATURE FOR UP CLOSE DETAIL - Vintage jewelry, expect tarnish / patina ***HANDCRAFTED: please note the stones in handcrafted one of a kind items using natural gemstones such as this MAY show variations and MAY have imperfections in the stones and stone sizes. You are receiving the EXACT piece shown.

METAPHYSICAL Properties: *AMMONITE FOSSIL - Awakens us Spiritually, Aids in opening us to the BIG Picture; helping us remember our past, present and future - from the beginning of creation- allowing us to realize our current incarnation's lessons and goals. Excellent for activating kundalini; Facilitates full awakening of our DNA; When placed in the home, it is believed to attract health, success of all kinds and prosperity; Draws off negative and dense energies, filters them, and spirals out positive, loving, fresh energy

*SMOKY QUARTZ: excellent grounding & anchoring stone, stress relief, protection, aids in eliminating nightmares, manifesting desires.

gypsy, BOHO necklace, chic, tribal, metaphysical jewelry

Large Ammonite Fossil Smoky Topaz Sterling Silver Gemstone necklace, Biwa Pearls

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$220.00Sale Price
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  • Silver,Stone,Topaz
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