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Gorgeous Old Stock hand-carved Chatoyant Tiger Eye with hematite LUCK & WEALTH lotus edge bowl.

2" x 1.8" wide x .75" tall

33 grams


METAPHYSICALLY, TIGER EYE is Known as a superb attractor of wealth and luck. It enhances psychic ability, stimulates the rise of kundalini energy, creates a high vibrational state while also creating a grounded state that is both from earth energy & the energy of the sun. Protective, aids one in accomplishing goals, an *Excellent stone for manifesting your desires! Helps one figure out what they truly need as opposed to what they want.

Small 2" Tiger Eye Gemstone Bowl - Wealth, Success, Good Luck

Excluding Sales Tax
color: brown
  • Gemstone Bowl,Altar Offering Bowl,Carved Gemstone,Tiger Eye,Vintage Bowl
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