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Crystal Energy Healing Black Onyx Pyramid center and 4 Generator Points (North, South, East, West) - 3.75 wide (from north to south or east to west)), pyramid is 1 tall. Metaphysically, a Powerful and Empowering Energy Healing Tool for protection, good fortune, past life work, to remove negativity from a person a place or a thing; increase the power of spells and/or prayers; helps align your energy to the higher realms where you may access guidance. Metaphysical properties of BLACK ONYX: Use to invite in happiness and good fortune, Transmutes negative energy, powerfully protecting, gives one strength and support during times of severe stress, centers and aligns your energy with the higher realms allowing one to access guidance, allows one to see the future and become the master of their destiny, aids in past life work, balances yin & yang, helps one feel at ease. #ETS729

Crystal Healing Black Onyx Pyramid Energy Generator Point, Protection, Good Luck

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Color: Multi
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