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Chakra aura wand in natural amethyst with a carved angel on top. There are 7 small gemstones including: Amethyst, iolite, blue chalcedony, peridot, citrine, carnelian, garnet. 6 inches long. ====== Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of AMETHYST: A high spiritual vibration stone, amethyst fills one with contentment and is known as nature's tranquilizer , bringing calm, balance, patience and deep peace. Excellent master healing tool for people, animals and plants. It enhances higher levels of meditation for spiritual awareness, promotes love of the divine and is one of the most spiritual stones, opens intuition & stimulates psychic abilities. #ang11w

Metaphysical 6" Crystal Healing Amethyst Angel Chakra Wand, Energy Clearing

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  • Natural Amethyst
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