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Large Blue Kyanite and Ruby crystal skull. The skull is a lightly polished realistic carving. Metaphysically, This Skull is Excellent for awakening dormant psychic abilities, activating ones pineal gland, opening the third eye chakra. It will expand ones aura and strengthen their energy. It will remove obstacles from ones path, align and open all chakras and keep you protected during altered states such as channeling and automatic writing. FULLY ACTIVATED **This skull has been charged, Reiki cleansed

5.2" long, 3.9 tall

WEIGHT: 3.1 pounds


Metaphysically, RUBIES ARE CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STONES IN THE UNIVERSE, raising life force energy, bringing one deep peace and soothing contentment. Ruby in Fuschite (aka Green Muscovite): is said to bring one great inspiration through enhanced intuition. Improves one's emotional well-being.

~RUBY in FUSCHITE / MUSCOVITE: *when used on the 3rd eye chakra, Ruby Fuschite can awaken dormant psychic abilities by balancing stimulation and intuition.*Use this combo to expand and strengthen the bodies energy field. * promotes vitality*purges negativity on all levels**

~RUBY: encourages passion for life in a positive way, increases energy, motivates, encourages one to follow their right livelihood, brings enthusiasm, protects against psychic attack, aids in having positive dreams, clear visualizations, a stone of abundance, aids in keeping wealth that has been acquired, heightens awareness Promotes communication, tranquility,opens psychic channels while keeping you protected during altered states. Use for working with the throat chakra and third eye. Excellent for those wishing to become a channel of divine wisdom. Never needs charging or clearing.

Metaphysically, it is believed crystal skulls can be programmed to support the healing of oneself or others and to manifest answers to life's issues and open psychic channels, showing us our life path. Skulls intensify and amplify ones personal power and intentions while providing the guidance needed to attain ones goals and desired outcomes. CRYSTAL SKULLS are a tool for divination; accessing divine knowledge; self-awareness; soul healing; prophetic visions.

disclaimer: Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with, NOT in place of, professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues, or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issues. Our products are tools for Lightworkers, Crystal healers, Reiki practitioners and those on their Metaphysical &/or spiritual path . By purchasing this product you are stating you understand that : I/ This shop/ We do not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes.

5.2" Rare Realistic Large Kyanite Ruby Crystal Skull Master Psychic Energy

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